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About Citizenship and Residency

These are are the most frequently asked questions on Citizenship by investment (CBI), Golden Visas (GV) and other immigration schemes. Please keep in mind that the requirements may vary as per different countries and only the general questions are answered below.

We have compiled 100+ most popular questions and answers asked by clients.

If you have any questions, which need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is Citizenship by Investment?

The Citizenship by Investment (CBI) is the process of acquiring fast track citizenship and passport by making investments. These investments can be in the form of donation or in real estate usually starts from $100,000. Family members also receive the citizenship perk. Although the CBI schemes have existed since 1980’s, the popularity picked up only after 2010, due to the rapid rise globalization, tourism and more people wanting freedom of movement without visas.

Which is the cheapest citizenship by investment?

Saint Lucia and Dominica are the cheapest CIP for one person. Antigua and Barbuda is the cheapest CBI program for families. Montenegro cheapest in Europe. Please use our price calculator to compare all programs in one place


Which is the Best citizenship by investment program?

Vanuatu, St Kitts and Grenada are the best CBI programs giving you most value for your money and passport benefits. These programs are superb and also extremely popular.

Which is the fastest citizenship by investment program?

Vanuatu is the fastest program for its speed and simple application process. The entire process can be completed within 1.5 months. The Vanuatu Govt has set minimum price of $130,000


How much it costs to get citizenship or residency?

Prices start from USD 100,000 onwards for citizenship.  EUR 250,000 for Golden visa programs. We unfortunately do not assist clients less than this.

Is residency better than citizenship?

If you dont want citizenship or your country restricts dual nationality, then a GV residency program will work for you. Please seek legal advice with dual citizenship matters


Which country has the fastest golden visa scheme?

UK has the fastest golden visa scheme, the visa is approved within 2-3 weeks. All other GV schemes in Europe take 3-4 months. US and Canada have 1-2 year waiting times.

Which is the Best Golden visa program?

Portugal and Greece are the best and most popular golden visa programs in Europe affordable to many investors. If you can afford investing millions, then United States, Canada and United Kingdom are undeniably the best

Which are the cheapest golden visa schemes?

Malta is the cheapest residency program in Europe for 135K euro. Germany does not golden visa but you can get residency investing 100K euro in Germany.

Can i get dual nationality through CBI schemes?

All CBI programs automatically allow dual citizenship. You have to check the legality of dual citizenship with your home country. Many countries in Asia prohibit dual nationality and traveling with multiple passports.

Can i apply for E-2 visa through Citizenship by investment?

Yes you can apply for E-2 investor visa to enter US. Only Grenada, Turkey, Bulgaria, Montenegro have E-2 treaties signed with US. So if you become citizen of these countries you can apply at any US consulate near you

Which countries offer EU citizenship by investment?

Malta, and Bulgaria have official EU citizenship by investment programs. Montenegro is not part of European Union. Note the difference between EU and Europe.

Which is the easiest citizenship by investment program?

Vanuatu has the easiest application process and fastest processing times within 1 months. All other countries require more paperwork and take long processing times (3-4 months)

Which is the best caribbean investment passport?

Grenada and St Lucia. Both programs are complete CBI programs.

Grenada has visa waiver to China, Russia, UK/Ireland and also has E-2 treaty with United States. You can apply for E-2 non immigrant visa a better alternative to EB-5 as a Grenada citizen. No years of waiting unlike EB-5.

Grenada and St Lucia are the only passport in the Caribbean that one can transfer citizenship to third generations, offers right to vote and hold government offices.

Which is the best golden visa scheme in Europe?

Greece, Portugal for budget investors.
US, UK, Ireland for HNWI clients
You can also check our golden visa rankings here

Which countries offer Citizenship by investment?

At present there are 14 countries that have official citizenship by investment programs. These are the current prevailing prices for citizenship and golden visa schemes.

Which countries offer Golden visa programs?

There are more than 20 countries that offer golden visa schemes. These schemes only offer permanent residency (not citizenship) against investments.

CBI vs Golden visas – Which is the cheapest?

Citizenship is the cheapest option, because prices for passports starts from $100,000. Golden visas are quite expensive requiring investments in real estate. Malta is the cheapest golden visa program Read more here

Which CBI programs are suspended?

These programs are non-operational

Moldova – suspended
Cyprus – suspended from Nov 2020

Are you an authorized agent?

We are not agents (we are online platform). We do not provide immigration or property advice to clients. We rely on our partners who are law firms to provide these services. We work with trusted government appointed authorized agents. We have been serving HNW clients since 2011.

Do i have to personally visit the collect passport?

No, you can collect CBI passport from your agent or at the consulate in your country.Some countries require Oath which also can be done at consulate. Your agent will advise you.

Is taking Oath required?

Yes, most countries require you to take oath. This is easy you can take oath at consulates infront of the passport officer who can visit you for additional fee.

St Kitts does not require Oath of allegiance. Vanuatu now permits taking oaths by video conferencing due to coronavirus outbreak

What is your broker fee for real estate?

We do not charge any fee for property buyers, instead we are compensated by property developers.

Which European Countries offer Citizenship schemes?

Here lies the major differences between four European countries offering investor citizenship schemes.

Malta – EU member state and Schengen
Cyprus – EU member state and Non-Schengen
Bulgaria – EU member state and Non-schengen
Montenegro – Non-EU member state and Non-Schengen (will possibly join EU and Schengen in 2025)
Moldova – Non-EU member state and Non-Schengen

Which is the cheapest golden visa scheme in Europe?

Greece – EUR 250,000 (real estate)
Portugal – EUR 280,000 (real estate in rural areas)

Which country has the fastest golden visa scheme?

United Kingdom (£2m) – 3 weeks
Spain – 3 weeks
Portugal/Greece/Malta – 3-4 months
US EB-5 ($900K) – 1.5 years to 15 years

What is the difference between Golden visa vs Passport schemes?

Golden visas offer only residency, and do not offer immediate citizenship or passport. Therefore it will not make you a world citizen. There is a significant difference between golden visas and citizenship by investment schemes. Residence schemes are much preferred route to many who come from countries which do not allow dual citizenship (eg. India, China, Saudi Arabia, Japan etc..)

If you think dual citizenship is problem for you, then go for residency instead of citizenship. You dont need citizenship is not required all time. Seek advice from your lawyer.

Which is the best real estate project for investing in a passport?

We work with several real estate developers in Caribbean and Europe. Prices start from $220,000

You have to careful with investing in real estate. Never signup with property developers you dont know. Read some of our tips

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you seek any advice in real estate.

Which countries accept stateless persons?

Stateless persons are accepted for citizenship by investment (CBI) schemes only by certain countries which are listed below

  • Vanuatu
  • Dominica
  • Cyprus
  • Antigua
  • Turkey

How do i start the process to apply?

To apply for CBI schemes , follow the steps

CBI schemes

  1. Pay initial 10% retainer deposit.
  2. The authorized agent will help you with all the forms and documentation
  3. Upon passing all due diligence and background checks, the government citizenship unit will issue approval letter.
  4. Pay the full donation amount to government bank account (this only if you are approved, if you are rejected you dont need to pay)
  5. Collect your passport and family members from your agent or at embassy

Golden visas

  1. Pay initial retainer fee 10%
  2. We help you with the real estate acquisition (hotels, residential properties etc.)
  3.  If you can travel to Greece/Portugal (already have schengen visa) you can apply for long term residence permit at Migration office. If you apply from your home country, apply for schengen C/D visa the nearest consulate for investing in golden visa scheme.
  4. Collect your residence permit after arrival. This typically takes 3 months of processing time. Our lawyers will help you with this.
  5.  Your family members also issued residence permits after you  under family unification.

How do i renew CBI passports after expiry?

Your agent will help you with the renewal process. Since you are already a citizen, you have to pay a normal passport fee to renew your passport. You dont need to remake any investment.

What is the difference between Citizenship and a Passport?

Only citizens are eligible for passports. In most countries first you need to get a citizenship or naturalization certificate as proof to be issued a passport. So first citizenship, then passport. The reverse is not true.

Second difference is only passport is a valid travel document. Citizenship certificate is not.

Which CBI programs have limited quotas?

  • Malta – 1500 applications in total  (400 per year)
  • Montenegro – 2000 applications (total)
  • Cyprus – 700 applications (per year)
  • Turkey – no quotas
  • Vanuatu – no quotas
  • Dominica, Grenada, Antigua, St Kitts,  St Lucia – no quotas

Which is the fastest EU passport program?

Cyprus is closed for applications.  Malta takes more than 12 months. Bulgaria takes 18-20 months. No other EU countries have passport programs for investments

Which programs offer passport for buying Govt bonds?

St Lucia, Turkey, Jordan. Read our article.


Are there any hidden hosts for CBI schemes?

First Agents will charge you due diligence plus 50% lawyer fee to start filing the application.

These are the different types of fees payable varies from one country to another

  • Agent application fee (averages $10,000 depending on how many apply)
  • Government application fee
  • Due diligence fee
  • Passport fee
  • Bank charges (usually $200)
  • Oath taking fee
  • Passport issue fee

You only make the donation or real estate investment AFTER receiving the approval letter from the CBI unit which takes 2-3 months.

Agents may also charge fee to renew your passport after expiry, and for other additional services.

Where can i compare the prices of CBI passport schemes?

We have developed a free online comparison price tool for various CBI schemes. You have idea of costs involved with family members.

Can i invest in hotels?

Certainly!You can buy in buyback hotel equity shares in a resort and qualify for passport. You can also invest in hotels and get a golden visa in Portugal or Greece.

There are several benefits in investing in hotels.

  • Maintenance fully undertaken by hotel, relieving you of duties.
  • You get 60% of room nightly fee as an investor as rental returns.
  • You get 3 weeks of holiday package to stay in hotel you invested.
  • Hotels are commercial investments which creates jobs and economic benefit to country.
  • You can buy equity share or individual rooms/villas with fully deeded title. Prices start from $200K for equity share and $1m for single homes.

Which passports have visa free travel to US and Canada?

Malta – United States and Canada (eTA required)
Cyprus – Canada (eTA needed), United States (visa required)
Bulgaria – Canada (eTA needed), United States (visa required)
Montenegro – Visa required for US/Canada/UK
Turkey – Visa required for US/Canada/Europe schengen area
All Caribbean passports require visa to visit US and Canada.
Vanuatu – Visa required to visit US/Canada

Canada revoked visa waiver for St Kitts and Antigua years ago.

Please play around with our new CBI visa waiver tool

Which countries provide accelerated application processing?

St Kitts is the only country that offer accelerated application processing completed within 80 days. You have to pay additional $25,000 fee plus for dependents.

Vanuatu CIP process is completed within 1 month under normal processing, without any extra charges.

What are the popular citizenship routes taken by most clients?

80% of our clients prefer donation route, 10% prefer real estate route, 10% prefer Government bonds, as the popular routes for citizenship through investment. Real estate is the best route, best you dont waste money, you get permanent resident card plus a local home address which is a genuine reason to acquire passport. You passport address will also have new home address.

Which is the cheapest real estate citizenship program in Caribbean?

Dominica and St Kitts have the cheapest USD 200,000 real estate investment for citizenship. St Lucia requires $300,000 and Grenada $220,000 property investment for passport. Antigua requires $220,000. You can buy limited shares starting from $200,000 and fully deeded properties cost more.


What is the history of citizenship by investment schemes?

The history of citizenship for investment schemes goes way back to 1980’s where caribbean and pacific island countries started selling passports. You can see the infographic here

US launched immigrant investor scheme in 1990 approved by Congress followed by UK, Ireland and Canada.

Which schemes provide Government bonds option?

Government bonds can be financed. This is because it is a guaranteed form of investment returned after 5 years.  At the moment these are the only programs offer Government bonds or treasury securities to acquire citizenship. Cyprus, United Kingdom recently suspended option of Government bonds.

Citizenship by Investment (4 countries)

  • Saint Lucia – $500,000
  • Turkey – $500,000
  • Bulgaria – €1 million
  • Egypt – $400,000

Golden Visas

  • Canada – $1.2 million (Quebec)
  • Spain – €2 million
  • Greece – €400,000
  • Portugal – €1 million
  • Italy – €2 million
  • Latvia – €250,000

Are Government bonds better than real estate?

Government bonds purchased against citizenship, yield no interest during the lockout period of 5 years. The entire money will be given back after the expiry without interest and still you keep the citizenship for life without reinvesting. Many clients see this as “risk free” and “safe” investment compared to real estate investment which only be sold off after 5 years with gains depending on the market conditions. Rental yields are usually 4-5% in caribbean property market. So yes, increasing number of our clients are asking for bond option.

St Lucia offers citizenship for $250,000 purchase of Covid relief government bonds. Cyprus removed government bond option for citizenship in 2019, but still you can buy bonds/share issued by private companies.

Portugal, Spain, Greece also offer golden visas for investing in treasury securities (bonds, stocks etc.)

Which caribbean nation grants passport against business investment, other than real estate?

1. Antigua offers citizenship against USD 1,500,000 million business investment in approved business projects such as resorts, spas, hotels, aquaculture etc as a sole investor (or) a joint investment involving at least 2 persons in an eligible business totalling at least USD 5,000,000 and each of those persons individually invests at least US$400,000

2. St Lucia – Enterprise investment of USD 3,500,000 in business projects.

What is the difference between Caribbean and European schemes?

Caribbean passport programs are cheap and best. European programs are very expensive, plus you have to wait for a long time to get EU passport. If you want to do short trips for stays within 3 months, between UK, Schengen countries, Hong Kong, Switzerland etc, a passport from Dominica or Antigua is more than enough.

Which is the best real estate gold visa program in Europe?

Greece is the most popular golden visa scheme requires 250,000 euro in real estate. Expect additional 10-15% costs. Greek real estate prices still remains lower compared to other EU countries.

Portugal golden visa scheme with 350,000 euro real estate purchase. Portugal citizenship in just 6 years for family and children. Spain,

Which is the best business immigration program in Europe?

Belgium or Germany. No residency requirement. In Belgium, citizenship possible after just 5 years. These are passive investment schemes. You must risk the capital in a business that creates jobs


Which country is the best for citizenship?

This is best answered based on safety and reputation of the country. UK, USA, European countries are well respected worldwide and so easily are the best passports to have, based on the country reputation and number of countries to travel without applying for visa. Caribbean passports are also good to have as second passport if you want to travel freely without worrying about applying for visas every time.

Best Passport Programs – Grenada , St Kitts, Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, Cyprus
Popular Residency Programs – Greece,, Portugal, Ireland, UK, Canada, USA

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Which country offers the fastest passport for investments?

Vanuatu – 1 months
Caribbean – 3-4 months
Cyprus : more than 6 months
Malta – more than 12 months

Are there any investor programs running in Switzerland?

No investor programs currently running in Switzerland.

If you have USD 1 million or more, you can apply for swiss residency under business route or retire under lump sum tax. The problem with Switzerland is you have to live 12 years to get Swiss passport or EU citizenship. Another simple route is, apply for citizenship Cyprus or Malta, get EU citizenship for family from them, you can go to Switzerland and live there as EU citizen with equal rights. Of course, this is not restricted to Switzerland, you as EU citizen can live in any 26 schengen member states such as Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, Spain etc..

Do i have to physically move there, if i apply for UK, USA or Canada?

Yes. USA, UK and Canada programs are only interesting if you want to move physically to these countries as they impose impose residency requirements. If you dont like moving there or cant satisfy residency requirements (must spend 9 months every year), then these programs are not for you. Please note US taxes based on worldwide income. After the Brexit, investing in UK not attractive as it was before.

What is the difference between St Kitts and Antigua passport?

The main differences and comparison between the 2 programs is as follows:-

1. St. Kitts needs more processing time (4 months) compared to Antigua (3 months)

2. St Kitts passport has initial validity for 10 years while for Antigua 5 years.

3. Saint Kitts Nevis (SKN) has no residency requirement – however, Antigua/Barbuda (A&B;) requires the applicant to spend an average of a week per year (just 5 days over 5 years) over the duration of the validity of their first passport. Hence you would have to be 5 days in Antigua within the next five years. You can chose when and how long as long as the total will be at least 5 days. Antigua requires an applicant to swear an oath of allegiance either in A&B; or at an official A&B; locations around the world (e.g. embassy or consulate office). This can be done upon a trip to Antigua.

4. Antigua & Barbuda has access to 150 countries visa-free, St. Kitts & Nevis has 131. The difference lies with the following 6 countries. Antigua has visa free travel to Ukraine and South Africa (SKN does not). St. Kitts & Nevis has visa free travel to Tonga, Israel, Bangladesh and Argentina (Antigua does not)

What is the difference between caribbean passports?

You can compare the different caribbean and european investor passports here

What programs involve 100% real estate investment?

Portugal – EUR 350,000 (real estate)
Spain – EUR 500,000 real estate investment (golden visa)
Cyprus – EUR 2 million real estate investment (EU passport)
Antigua and St Kitts – $200,000 Real estate
Dominica – $200,000 real estate
Grenada – $220,000 real estate
St Lucia – $300,000 real estate
Greece – EUR 250,000 real estate

Please note that additional costs are involved in addition to the real estate investment.

Which programs have minimum residency requirements?

It depends on the country you apply. Here is the quick summary..

Greece, Spain – None
Portugal – 7 days per year
St Kitts, Vanuatu, Dominica, Grenada, St Lucia – None
Antigua and Barbuda – 5 days.
Cyprus – 6 months
Malta – 12 months
UK – 9 months per year residency requirement to apply for british passport after 5 years
USA – Spend atleast 50% of time in US if you want US passport after 5 years.
Canada – 3 years of residence (inkl of 2 year PR) to apply for Canadian passport.
Switzerland – 10 years for PR and 12 years for Swiss passport.

Which programs have high refusal rates?

Malta, St Lucia have high refusal rates. All applicants are subjected to rigorous diligence checks, failing which application will be refused.

What is the difference between a Visa and Residence permit (RP)?

Visas are issued for short term stays maximum 90 days with one,two or multiple entries. Residence permits have long term residency status valid for 3 months or more, with unlimited entry/exit status. Visas can only be renewed at the consulate/embassy in home country, whereas RP can be renewed in that country which issued your RP.

What is Naturalization?

Naturalisation means you live certain number of years (residency) in a third country to become a citizen.

What is the difference between Residence permit (RP), Permanent residency (PR) and Citizenship?

Resident permits are issued for immigrants for the purpose of “long term residency” (more than 3 months) and its validity is time based (1 or 2 years), whereas citizenship gives absolute freedom in the country to live indefinitely, with equal rights to work and vote. PR status given to immigrants who had uninterrupted living 5 years or more. PR cards have 5 or 10 year validity periods and can be prolonged thereafter. You may NOT be absent from the country more than 180 days holding PR, which is not the case with RP. RP holders, unlike PR, are free to enter and exit country anytime. No restrictions imposed on being absent from the country. Please also note that if you hold a citizenship or PR, you may be taxed on worldwide income, which is not the case with RP holders.

Can i make a personal visit?

We can arrange meetings in Dubai, London or Zurich, to discuss your requirements. We ask you to schedule an appointment by using this contact form

What are the advantages getting second citizenship in Europe?

  • Visa free travel to EU schengen countries.
  • Strong Business presence in EU
  • Tax planning
  • Rich lifestyles and high standard of living.
  • European residence (2nd home)

Are there restrictions on who can apply?

If you are national of Somalia, North Korea, Iran, Yemen you cannot apply for certain programs.

What are the eligibility conditions for the CIP programs?

  • No criminal record and good character
  • No involvement financial fraud
  • Good financial status.
  • Pass due diligence and background checks.
  • Excellent business background
  • Good references from lawyers, bankers
  • Clean travel record without visa denials

What services you provide with residence and citizenship?

We offer the following services to our clients in Europe and Caribbean.

Business & Company formation
Real estate consulting
Housing Accomodation
Residence permits
Immigration, Passport and citizenship services
Tax planning and fiduciary services
Investment advice
Assistance with government and municipality formalities

Do you accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for more information.

Are refused applications shared between CIU’s?

Yes, the refused or denied applications are and notified and shared between Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIUs) of CBI countries.  The Governments are working on a common framework so that if one applicant is refused in one CBI country, they cannot apply for other CBI schemes.

Is dual citizenship allowed with CBI schemes?

ALL CBI countries allow dual citizenship.

While most developed countries have no restrictions on dual nationality, others prohibit dual citizenship, it depends on where you live and sometimes as per laws of your home country, you may need to give up one citizenship to acquire other. Please keep in mind that in certain countries like Saudi Arabia, it is illegal or criminal offense to hold dual/multiple citizenships. US allows having dual nationalities or multiple citizenships, but US citizens have to pay taxes irrespective of where they live..

With citizenship by investment (Cbi) schemes , if you come from a country where dual citizenship is not allowed (eg. India, China, GCC countries), we ask you seek legal advice in your country. If you cannot apply for second citizenship or dont need a passport, you can always apply for residency schemes in Portugal and Greece.

To check which country allow and dont allow dual citizenship, please refer to this site here

For professional advice, please consult a embassy or lawyer in your home country on immigration and citizenships with respect to dual nationality.

Can chinese citizens acquire dual citizenship?

No. As with chinese, voluntarily naturalizing in a foreign country results in automatic loss of Chinese (PRC) citizenship. Since you are no longer a Chinese citizen, you can no longer use your Chinese passport as proof of Chinese citizenship to enter China, even if the passport is unexpired. You must get a Chinese visa to visit China, and usually when you apply for your first Chinese visa, the Chinese consulate will ask for and cancel your Chinese passport. China is also one of those countries that  has exit checks

Is personal visit required?

It depends on the country you apply. No personal visit required for Caribbean schemes. Personal visit required for European passports and Golden visa schemes for biometrics and signing documents.

These schemes do not require personal trips to the country.

What are the fee and costs involved?

Fee and costs involved will vary on case by case basis. Please contact us and we will send you a quote.

Do you have refund policy?

yes, we do have clear refund policy and it will be clearly specified in the contract agreement less all applicable fees.

What documents need to be Apostilled or Super legalized?

Collecting proper documents is a tedious job for citizenship consultants. We ask our clients to start 2 months in advance to prepare all the paperwork.

An apostille seal is required in these documents in order to be accepted by international authorities. Simple notarization will not work. Once the document has apostille seal, it can be officially used in 83 countries. You can find list of countries and issuing authorities here

Personal Documents:

  • Marriage Licenses, Divorce agreements, Divorce Decree
  • Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates
  • Single Status to Marry, No record of a Marriage
  • Criminal Record – Criminal Background Check
  • FBI Criminal Background Check (Federal Document)
  • Local Police, Sheriff’s Department, etc…
  • Power of Attorney – General, Special, Finance, Real Estate etc.
  • Notarized copies of Passport, Affidavits, and other documents
  • Papers for Adoption purposes
  • Transcripts (High School, College, University, or any other issuing agency)
  • Diploma, Degree Certificates, Graduation Records
  • Permission to Travel, Consent by Parent(s) to travel with Minor Children
  • Certificate of Naturalization (Federal Document)

Corporate Documents:

  • Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation
  • Merger Agreements
  • Authorization letter for Bank, Finance, Office, and related company matters
  • Certificates of Amendment
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Power of Attorney
  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • Corporate Resolution
  • Certification of Free Sale
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Corporate Forms
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Stock Purchase Agreement in Foreign Companies
  • Business Letter of Invitation

Which countries will open citizenship by investment in the future?

These 9 countries may open Citizenship by investment (CBI) schemes in the future.

  • Greece
  • Albania
  • Georgia
  • Macedonia
  • Serbia
  • St Vincent and Grenadines
  • Croatia
  • Romania
  • Guyana

Often changing politics and new governments have a decide on whether to run a citizenship for sale scheme or not. The Caribbean is very supportive of CBI schemes. 5 of 7 OECS countries already run CBI schemes. Read more here

How do i use second passports at borders?

Traveling with one or more passports is quite common and thousands of people do it every day.

If you happen to be a citizen of more than one country, chances are that you are going to have dual or multiple passports from those countries. Often this might be confusing. In many cases you can use one passport to exit A and a different passport to enter B.

These are the rules you must follow and using the right passport is important.

You must enter and exit using the same passport.
Citizens must use the same passport for entry and exit. For example, US citizens who are dual nationals must use US passport to enter and exit US.
Countries which do not permit dual citizenship, do not allow traveling or holding multiple passports.
Use of second passport works best, if you live or travel through a neutral third country, eg Dubai, Hong Kong etc. where you can swap passports. For example, Malaysia does not accept dual citizenship, so dual-citizen Malaysians often travel via Singapore. Read more here

Besides these, modern passports hold biometric data, so it is possible immigration officers know about passports with different nationalities.

Note: This is not a legal advice, for information purpose only!

Which CBI countries offer right to vote?

Please refer to the full list here

Which CBI countries require taking Oath?

All CBI countries except St Kitts require taking Oath of Allegiance in front of Notary Public, Justice of Peace or Commissioner of Oaths. For Vanuatu, you can take Oath in Vanuatu or infront of passport or immigration officer, who can visit you for additional fee.


Which countries permit change of name through deed poll?

Name change is permitted by Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts, if deed poll is submitted from country of birth along with citizenship application. Antigua does not allow name change. Vanuatu allows after receiving citizenship through affidavit.

A deed poll is a legal document that proves a change of name.

Does Pakistan allow Dual citizenship with the Caribbean CBI programs?

No. Pakistan does not allow dual citizenship with Caribbean CBI countries such as Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts, Grenada or St Lucia. Pakistanis can hold dual citizenship only with these 19 countries as Government of Pakistan has signed dual citizenship arrangement with these countries.


Which CBI countries have no personal income tax?

Vanuatu, St Kitts and Antigua have zero personal income tax on all categories. Grenada, Dominica, St Lucia, Cyprus exempt personal income tax on non-resident citizens from foreign income.


Which countries publish names of CBI citizens to public?

  • Malta – Gazette
  • Dominica – Gazette

All other CBI countries, protect the names of citizens from disclosing to public.

When EU is imposing electronic travel authorization (eTA)?

EU will be imposing electronic travel authorization system ETIAS from 2021 onwards to enter schengen area. This will effect all visa waiver countries to enter schengen area. You cannot board the plane without this online authorization paying 7 EUR.

These passports require ETIAS authorization: US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom etc.
These CBI passports also require ETIAS authorization: Moldova, Montenegro, Vanuatu, Dominica, Antigua, St Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Grenada
See the full list of countries here

ETIAS will not apply to these people

EU/EEA member states incl Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus
Residence permit holders from Schengen states including permits issued under Golden visa schemes.
Schengen visa holders.

Which countries are not listed in OECD list of CBI/RBI schemes?

OECD as listed 8 CBI countries for to comply with CRS requirements with banks. This means if you have a passport from these 8 countries, you have to declare tax residency status from all jurisdictions, when you open a bank account in a foreign country. These eight countries are : Malta, Cyprus, Dominica,Grenada, St Lucia, Antigua, St Kitts, Vanuatu.

Turkey, Moldova and Montenegro are not listed in the OECD list.
Portugal, Greece, Spain, Ireland, UK offering golden visa schemes are not listed
OECD may list some countries in the future. Please follow the updates.

Does Montenegro participate in CRS reporting?

Montenegro is the only country currently that does not exchange bank account information with tax authorities through CRS. All other CBI countries participate in CRS reporting. This may change in the future.


Which countries offering citizenship by investment has no extradition treaty with US?

  • No Extradition treaty: Moldova, Vanuatu
  • Extradition Treaty : Antigua, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts, Montenegro, Malta, Bulgaria, Cyprus

Which CBI program that does not have FATCA signed?

Vanuatu. All other countries have FATCA agreements with US

Can dual citizens seek consular protection abroad?

Dual nationals may have limited diplomatic protection according to the principle set forth by the 1930 Hague Convention that a state may not afford diplomatic protection to one of its nationals against a state whose nationality such person also possesses.

If you hold both British and Chinese citizenship you can’t get diplomatic help from the UK when you’re in China, according to Home office

Popular CBI Schemes

St Kitts Nevis (150K)

Saint Lucia ($100K)

Vanuatu ($130K)

Dominica ($100K)

Grenada ($150K)

Popular Golden Visas

Portugal (€280K)

Greece (€250K)

Germany (€80K)

Spain (€500K)

United Kingdom (£2M)